Lessons From £25 p/h

(Based on 30 hour block booking)

Driving Tuition In Matlock Underwood And Hucknall

Covering many Sub Areas, Including Alfreton, Brinsley, Eastwood, Jacksdale, Kirkby, Pinxton, Selston and Sutton

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Kelton Taylor

From Matlock Passed On 04-10-2017

1st Time Pass well done

Kieran Crowder

From Matlock Passed On 10-10-2016

1st time pass well done

Kirsty Haynes

From Matlock Passed On 19-11-2014

Congratulations Kirsty Haynes for passing her test today

Laura Punchard

From Middleton Passed On 05-01-2017

Well done Laura

Laura Scott

From Watnall Passed On 03-05-2016

First time pass, Well done

Laura Williams

From Matlock Bath Passed On 05-01-2018

Well done Laura

Lauren Taylor

From Selston Passed On 06-11-2014

Congratulations Lauren Taylor for passing her test today

Leila Pankhurst

From Wirksworth Passed On 02-02-2017

1st time pass well done

Lewis Gelsthorpe

From Matlock Passed On 08-11-2016

1st time pass. Well done

Passes since: 11/02/2015


First time Passes: 2020


First time Passes: 2019

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